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    4. Lean Six Sigma: A Powerful Approach To Learn

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    1. Dental Situational Judgement Review - 100 Mock Questions & Scenarios ( This book is also available on Amazon )

    1. Instructions

    2. NDECC & Situational Judgement: Video Orientation

    3. The NDECC Blue Print & Situational Judgement

    4. Infection Control In General Dentistry: Part I: Following Protocols

    5. Infection Control In General Dentistry: Part II: Following Protocols

    6. Infection Control In General Dentistry: Part III: Following Protocols

    7. Infection Control In General Dentistry: Part IV:Following Protocols

    8. Infection Control In General Dentistry: Part V: Following Protocols

    9. Understanding Criteria’s Evaluating Your Response

    10. History Taking : Assessing & Managing Patients Needs

    11. Caries Risk Assessment: Gather Data/ Manage Needs

    12. Periodontal Risk Assessment : Gather Data/ Manage Needs

    13. Standards Of Informed Consent: Ethical Dilemmas

    14. Characteristics Of A Consent: Ethical Dilemmas

    15. Caries Prevention: Health Promotion

    16. Oral Hygiene Instructions: Health Promotion

    17. Patient On Anti-Coagulants: Managing Patient’s Need

    18. Tooth Replacement: Discussing & Planning Treatment

    19. Dental Management In A Diabetic: Managing Patient’s Needs

    20. Preventing Infective Endocarditis: Managing Patient’s Needs

    21. Dental Management In Angina: Managing Patient’s Needs

    22. Dry Socket Management: Establish Diagnosis/Managing Needs

    23. Complex Situation: Part 1

    24. Complex Situation: Part 2

    25. Managing Periodontitis: Establish Diagnosis/Sequencing Treatment

    26. Replacement Of Amalgam With Composites: Evidence Based Decision

    27. Patient On Biphosphonates: Managing Patient Needs

    28. Patient Undergoing Radiotherapy/Chemotherapy : Part I

    29. Patient Undergoing Radiotherapy/Chemotherapy : Part II

    30. Fluoride Applications: Assess Caries Risk/Manage Needs

    31. Radiography Concerns Of Patient: Ethical Dilemma/Measures To Prevent Oral Disease

    32. Child Anxiety Management: Social Determinant Of Health

    33. Periapical Abscess: Establish Diagnosis/Plan Treatment

    34. TMJ Disorders: Establish Diagnosis/Discuss Treatment

    35. Oral Care Instructions: Health Promotion

    36. Oral Facial Pain : Establish Diagnosis/Plan Treatment

    37. Denture Insertion & Care: Manage Needs/Post-Op Instructions

    1. Extraction: Informed Consent & Post Op. Care

    2. Endo: Informed Consent & Post Op. Care

    3. Diet Planning : Promoting Health

    4. Discoloured Teeth Management: Part I

    5. Discoloured Teeth Management: Part II

    6. Conscious Sedation/IV/Oral/NitrousOxide-Oxygen: Managing Needs & Considerations

    7. Un-Erupted/Impacted Canine : Treatment Goals & Management

    8. Denture Induced Hyperplasia: Management

    9. Attrition, Abrasion, Abfraction, Erosion: Treatment Objectives & Management

    10. Gingival Recession: Communicating Significance & Management

    11. Pericoronitis: Establish Diagnosis & Sequence Treatment

    12. Swelling (Periapical & Periodontal) : Investigations & Management

    13. Dental Management In Hypertension

    14. Implant Maintenance I :Develop Problem List & Manage Needs

    15. Implant Maintenance II: Diagnosing Problems & Home Care Instructions

    16. Pregnant Patient : Needs, Management & Advise

    17. Teeth Trauma I: Guidelines

    18. Teeth Trauma II: Types, Investigations, Management & Advise

    19. Un-erupted Maxillary Incisors: Establish Diagnosis & Management

    20. Burning Mouth Syndrome: Diagnosis & Management

    21. Oro-Antral Fistula : Establish Diagnosis & Management

    22. Root Displaced Into Sinus: Prevention & Management

    23. Mobile Teeth: Investigations & Management

    1. Periodontal Abscess: Establish Diagnosis & Management

    2. Apthous Ulcers: Investigation, Management & Advice

    3. Angular Cheilitis: Establish Diagnosis & Management

    4. Rapidly Progressing Periodontitis: Establish Diagnosis & Management

    5. Dry Mouth: Establish Diagnosis & Management

    6. Acute Ulcerative Gingivitis: Establish Diagnosis & Management

    7. Advising To Quit Smoking : Health Promotion

    8. Difficult Patient Management

    9. Social Media: Risks & Recommendations

    10. Cultural Competence

    11. How To Write A Referral?

    1. Situation: 1

    2. Situation: 2

    3. Situation: 3

    4. Situation: 4

    5. Situation: 5

    6. Situation: 6

    7. Situation: 7

    8. Situation: 8

    9. Situation: 9

    10. Situation: 10

    11. Situation: 11

    12. Situation: 12

    13. Situation: 13

    14. Situation: 14

    15. Situation: 15

    16. Situation: 16

    17. Situation: 17

    18. Situation: 18

    19. Situation: 19

    20. Situation: 20

    21. Situation: 21

    22. Situation: 22

    23. Situation: 23

    24. Situation: 24

    25. Situation: 25

    26. Situation: 26

    27. Situation: 27

    28. Situation: 28

    29. Situation: 29

    30. Situation: 30

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Learning Objectives

  • Armamentarium: Keep clutter out of your way. Establishes what equipment is enough to complete the tasks. Limits your unnecessary spending.

  • Requirements: Get a deeper insight into the 'Protocol' and 'Criterias'. Learn to 'Code' , so that you can easily remember them.

  • Procedure: Learn to follow through without skipping any important steps.

  • Mistakes: Learn to anticipate, so you can prevent them.

  • Preventions & Corrections: Increase your confidence by knowing that you can handle whatever comes your way.

  • Self Evaluation: Save your valuable time by correcting mistakes that you can identify on your own.

Situational Judgement & Clinical Skills

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NDECC - Situational Judgement

Mock Test In Situational Judgement Included

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Instructor Dr. Rahul Monga

I completed my Canadian Dental Equivalency in 2018, with a passion to pass on the skills to the dentists migrating to Canada from around the globe. I was accepted for DDS Program in NYU School Of Dentistry, but chose Canadian Dental Education System as my mentor. It wasn't my success, but my failures that made me explore deeper into my shortcomings and capabilities. I started as a trainer for dental assisting students, and worked my way up to train participants of NDEB Equivalency, INBDE & ADC exams. By personally witnessing and experiencing the pathways that lead nowhere, i can now facilitate you to choose the ones that could serve you well. My philosophy is not to go for 'perfection', but always strive to be better than 'yesterday'. In this way, you continuously 'enjoy' the process and stop 'worrying' about the outcome. This is possible because you become aware that you are doing the best you can, with all the resources you have. I love to read about 'Epigenetics' and 'Neuro-Linguistic Programming' besides Dentistry . I am a keen follower of Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins and Dr.Joe Dispenza, and use their teachings in my daily life. I am looking forward to see you in one of my courses

A Big Bonus Included - Free Ebook

Dental Situational Judgement Review - 100 Mock Questions & Scenarios

When you enroll in our course you'll not only gain access to top-notch clinical competence training but also snag a FREE copy of our "Dental Situational Judgement Review" eBook, which, by the way, you can also find on Amazon! 📚🌟 Let's put things into perspective. For the cost of just $179, you can either: ✅ Buy a fancy dinner at a restaurant. ✅ Grab a year's supply of streaming subscriptions. ✅ Invest in your dental career with our comprehensive course AND get that invaluable eBook for FREE! The choice is pretty clear, right? 🍔🎬🦷 Don't miss out on this opportunity that'll boost your dental journey. Enroll now, and let's make your success story together! 🎓💪
Situational Judgement For NDECC Exam ( NDEB, Canada )

Looking For Motivation? Then, Read This...

It was the exam day for Clinical Skills. The day was too fair and simple and didn't matched to the mischievous character of this assessment. The flimsy sheet of rubber dam was pinched under the thorny prong of that Hu-freidy clamp. The hole was tiny, but too obvious to get away with. The task had been compromised. I was terrified, as perceived from my shallow breathing, sweaty face and shaky hands. But, I also knew that my only chance to correct my mistake, was in my ability to stay calm. Realization of this fact was the point of reversal of events.

 I was able to save the task that was doomed, right before the minute hand completed it's last allowed revolution on my wrist watch. My refusal to abandon , and willingness to continue helped me pass that task eventually. Not just that, there were a series of thoughts that brought me back on track. One of them was , visualization of my son wearing a blue T-SHIRT, branded with a phraseology from a NBA's Stephen Curry, saying, " I can do all things.". It was the same $80 T-SHIRT that we earlier had an argument about,  and I said that I can't afford it" Really?''. This was a clear indication that I have to go on and do a comeback today. 

 The second thought that came to my mind was that of a paraplegic guy trying to pull a stack of 100 LBS with a rope , in the fitness center I visited few months ago. The final thought was that of a Janitor who works in the same fitness centre. He was juggling the soccer ball on his head non stop for 8-10 minutes without failing. It was later,  I found that he was a national footballer of his home country in Africa. He appeared to be around 46-48 yrs of age. What amazed me was that , he was spending 30 min of his work break into this act. Without any expectations from his own efforts, his only motive seemed to propagate joy. These are just few examples that help us understand our internal state of affairs, without having a need to give up.

Do you think you would need a push of of that external motivation to get started, or to read that extra chapter, or practice another task before you call it a day? If you are hunting for that external persuasion, then spend a moment to look into yourself, and be amazed.

You have already executed so many formidable tasks in your lives, that reflecting back on to them in a serene moment, would yield sufficient force to move ahead. Remember your long haul towards getting acceptance into a bachelor's program in Dentistry ? After that, the conflict between your implied responsibilities and your temptations to hang out with friends. Then, there was ambiguity over your future in your chosen career, that made you migrate to a  distinct piece of land. 

Furthermore, you struggled to find that first odd job once you landed abroad, fought an everyday brawl with life to  sustain yourself, and became lionhearted so you can seek a way back  into Dentistry ( a kind of Re-union)..... At every moment, there was a torpedo in you, that was trying to fight and rip off all sorts of resistance. All you have to do is to light up your torpedo, and watch all your blockages dismantled......By all means .... you are a body of motivation. Remember, you did it ' then' you will do ' once again'.

Rahul Monga

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