You Are About To Discover How You Can:

  • Prevent Losses From Major Insurance Billing Errors

  • Track & Follow Up With Insurance Companies For Unpaid Claims

  • File Insurance Claims Accurately

  • Determine Patient Coverage & Eligibility Precisely

  • Learn To Educate Patients On Their Insurance Coverage.

  • Complete Claim Forms With Documentation, Narratives And Pre-determinations

  • Understand & Handle Explanation Of Benefits, Payments & Adjustments

  • Prepare & Interpret Monthly Reports

  • Avail 3 Month Post-Training Staff Support

  • & Much More


Insurance & Administrative Trainer Anju Monga

Anju has committed years of study to learning how to manage and empower team members and is the Co-founder of ITDOnline, the leader in on-demand training for dental students & dental team members. Anju witnessed first-hand that practical insurance & administrative training was missing in the dental schools and built Dental Insurance & Administrative Training, as resource for dental practices. With her interactive and innovative approach, Anju has mentored numerous dentists and dental team members to achieve unprecedented results in growth. She has empowered dentists and office managers to excel at performance-based hiring and loves to share her best-known methods for achieving the ultimate level of customer service in your practice.

Why Your Dental Team Need This Training?

Accurate billing is necessary in maximizing practice profitability. A dental biller or administrator is required to keep track of payments from insurance carriers, filing and submitting authorizations and claims, verifying eligibility, explaining treatment to patients, and collecting the correct co-payments."

The Big Takeaways

  • Increase Productivity

    There’s a big difference between being busy and being productive. Most dental offices are the former, but it’s important to determine if you are the latter.

  • Increase Efficiency

    Efficiency refers to the resources used to produce the work. If you can get more outputs from the same inputs, without adding more resources or if you can see more patients without adding more time or staff, then you have increased efficiency.

  • Increase Reach

    Be The Dental Office That Addresses The Bottom-line. Financial Co-ordination. Serve Every Patient By Understanding Their Financial Capacity.

Virtual Training


Learn The Basics And Advanced Skills Of Dental Insurance & Administration From The Comfort Of Your Office Or Home. Use Your Favourite Electronic Device To Indulge In This In Depth Experience. 5 Hr Training That Allows You To Interact With Instructor. Also Includes a post-training doubt session and access to an online platform for access to various training materials.

In Office Staff Training


You and your dental team will enjoy the benefits of practical, hands on Insurance & Administration training that delivers immediate results.

This on-site, in-person course is specifically designed to give the administrative dental staff a strong background and thorough understanding of how the dental insurance process works. You will gain practical knowledge and relevant, up-to-date information that will enable you to excel as a Dental Insurance Billing Specialist.

You will see real documents and examples, learn how dental insurance processing works, different types of insurance coverage, patient eligibility, insurance terminology, along with accurate insurance procedures and effective follow-up. This course will address all these and more.

Bonus Materials

We Ensure A Successful & Pleasant Learning Experience

  • 3 Month Post Training Support

    We will help integrate in your office, all that you have learned through this training. We will address your problems and suggest appropriate solutions.

  • Free Access To Online Clinical, Administrative & Management Level Support

    One Online Training For Administrative, Clinical, Infection Control, Practice Building, Managerial Staff Of Your Dental Office. Save Thousands Of Dollars & Enormous Time By Giving Your Staff This Online Training, While You Focus On Your Patients.

  • Marketing & Downloadable Content For Your Practice

    Numerous Downloadable Handouts to Help Engage With Your Patients. Includes Two Marketing Videos For Your Practice.

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Well Trained Staff Members Could Help You Generate More Revenue And Prevent Unnecessary Losses As A Result Of Billing Errors.

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